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Attorney Kate Mesic Pens DUI Piece for Advantage Business Magazine


Attorney Kate Mesic recently penned an article for Advantage Business Magazine examining the value of fighting a drunk-driving charge. Entitled "After the DUI arrest: Can you get a do-over?" the article explores the ramifications of simply accepting a guilty plea in these cases and why fighting for a reduction is often in the accused's best, long-term interests.

In the piece, Attorney Mesic describes the legal circumstances of "Jim," a theoretical client with no prior criminal history who's just been charged with driving under the influence. Even with a first-time charge, the stakes for Jim are high: "With a conviction, Jim will likely lose his job, license and the ability to support his family... His very future is in danger," Attorney Mesic explains.

However, there is hope for Jim. As Attorney Mesic details, Jim and other clients like him may think that pleading guilty is the only option following a DUI charge—however, it often isn't. In fact, having capable counsel argue down the charge from DUI to "wet reckless" could have long-term benefits for Jim. Why? Because DUI charges cannot be expunged, but wet reckless charges can.

Why Is Expungement So Important?

Expungement permanently removes a criminal charge from a citizen's public record and allows them to legally deny that they have ever been charged with a crime. This is critical to many people because a prior criminal charge can cause complications with housing, employment, professional licenses, and other facets of a person's life. This is why it is so crucial that DUI suspects have their cases carefully assessed by proven defense counsel before moving forward with a guilty plea.

You can read more of Attorney Mesic's insight on DUI charges and expungements here at the Advantage Business Magazine site.

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