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DUI cases are complex criminal defense cases that can change a person’s life. If convicted, a DUI sentence carries not only the penalties ordered by the court, such as classes, probation, and community service, but also collateral penalties that come with the conviction, such as higher insurance. Florida has very serious penalties for even first time DUI offenders.

When someone is arrested for DUI, it often comes as a shock. Our clients are ordinary, hard-working people who never thought something like this could happen to them. We do not judge, but analyze each criminal case carefully to determine the best course of action.

Our Jacksonville DUI lawyer can challenge the evidence against you and fight for the most suitable outcome on your behalf!

Every DUI defense case is different. Let our firm prepare a solid defense based on your unique circumstances. Call The Law Offices of Kate Mesic at (904) 615-8950 today.

Should I Get a Lawyer for a DUI in Florida?

While you aren't required hiring a lawyer for a DUI in Florida is highly advisable. DUI laws are complex and can have severe consequences. A reasonable DUI attorney can help you avoid a conviction.

Why Were You Pulled Over?

A good starting point to evaluate your DUI case is how you were pulled over, or, more specifically, why you were pulled over. Was it for speeding? A broken tail light? Perhaps weaving within the lane? Did the officer claim they suspected an impaired driver?

In order to pull you over, the officer must have reasonable suspicion. In the absence of reasonable suspicion, the stop has to be suppressed. This type of issue is brought up before the court on a Motion to Suppress. The Jacksonville court will then hear the testimony and argument and make a decision. If the Motion to Suppress is granted, this can lead to the suppression of the entire stop and the arrest.

Additionally, we ask clients for information about field sobriety exercises. When did the officer ask you to perform these exercises? Did he have reasonable suspicion to suspect impairment? For example, in a situation where one officer pulls you over and calls a DUI officer for an investigation, our Jacksonville DUI defense lawyers evaluate the matter to see if the first officer had enough reason to suspect you were impaired. Once again, this can be a break in your DUI case.

Is a DUI a Misdemeanor in Florida?

In the state of Florida, first and second DUIs are generally considered misdemeanor offense charges. First or second DUI charges in Florida are usually punishable by fines, probation, community service, driver's license suspension, mandatory DUI education programs, and possibly even imprisonment. However, it's important to keep in mind that the classification of a DUI may vary depending on the individual's specific circumstances and prior convictions. Subsequent offenses or instances involving certain aggravating factors, such as causing bodily injury or death of another, could be charged as felony offenses crimes.

Why Choose Us As Your Jacksonville DUI Attorney?

Over the past 15 years, I have provided knowledgeable and personalized legal representation to clients throughout Jacksonville, including Duval, Nassau, Clay, and St. Johns. At The Law Offices of Kate Mesic, P.A., we handle criminal and business law matters with a commitment to obtaining the most favorable outcome in Jacksonville court.

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Unfortunately, people taking the field sobriety exercises never know whether they did good or bad. Remember, they are exercises not “tests,” so there is no pass or fail. The officer is looking for signs of impairment, such as swaying, inability to maintain balance when walking a line, coordination, speech, color of face, smell, ability to follow directions, and others.

All of these can be considered signs of impairment. This is why before the officer lets you perform the field sobriety exercises, he or she will ask you if you have any medical problems, disabilities, or anything else that would prevent you from performing the exercises. Let your DUI defense attorney in Jacksonville, Florida know if there was something that prevented you from doing well on the FSEs, such as back problems, vision problems, or any previous injuries, even if you did not tell the officer on the day of the arrest.

Other questions that may be important to your defense are:

  • What did you say to the police before and after arrest?
  • How was your driving that night? Were you weaving in and out of the lane?
  • Where were the field sobriety exercises performed?
  • What were the conditions of the road?

Another avenue of attack is always the actual breath/blood test procedure, so all details are important.

The actual place where you were pulled over and performed the field sobriety exercises may be helpful to your DUI case, so we will drive out and visit the scene to help us evaluate the criminal case and then be able to describe it to a jury.

Local DUI Defense in Jacksonville: Understanding Your Community

Living in Jacksonville, you know that our city is not just a place, but a community with unique challenges and resources. When facing a first offense DUI, it's crucial to have a defense team that understands the local landscape. At The Law Offices of Kate Mesic, we are deeply familiar with the intricacies of Duval County's legal system and the specific concerns of Jacksonville residents.

Jacksonville's sprawling urban environment, combined with its vibrant nightlife and numerous events, can sometimes lead to increased DUI checkpoints and traffic stops. Local law enforcement agencies, including the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, are vigilant in monitoring for impaired driving, especially around popular areas like Riverside, San Marco, and the Jacksonville Beaches. Understanding these local enforcement patterns can be pivotal in building a strong defense.

Moreover, Jacksonville residents often face unique challenges such as navigating the busy intersections of I-95 and I-10 or dealing with the heavy traffic on the Arlington Expressway. These conditions can sometimes lead to misunderstandings during traffic stops. Our team knows these areas well and can use this knowledge to question the validity of the stop and the procedures followed by the officers.

We also recognize the importance of local resources in your defense. While we do not partner with specific entities, we are aware of the support available through local government programs and community services. For instance, the Duval County Clerk of Courts and the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) are essential resources for managing the administrative aspects of a DUI charge, such as license reinstatement and court documentation.

At The Law Offices of Kate Mesic, we are committed to providing personalized legal representation that reflects our deep understanding of Jacksonville and its residents. We know the local pain points and are here to help you navigate through this challenging time with the knowledge and compassion you deserve.

Our DUI lawyer in Jacksonville, FL, does everything possible to ensure your rights and freedoms are protected. Call (904) 615-8950 now to schedule your free initial DUI consultation.

Our Settlements & Verdicts

Our top priority is to devise customized legal strategies that are tailored to the unique legal needs of our clients, no matter how simple or complicated their situations, might be.

  • Charges dropped Accident-Failed to Give Information and Improper Backing
  • Dismissed Accident-Leaving the Scene, Careless Driving
  • Expunged Allow Minor Alcohol at Open House Party.
  • Charges Dropped Allow Minor Alcohol ot Drugs at Open House Party
  • 1 count of battery amended, others dropped Battery
  • Reduced to municipal ordinance charge Battery

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