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NFA Firearms Trusts in Jacksonville

Protect and Enjoy your 2nd Amendment Right Safely and Securely with an Firearms Trust!

Whether you are a firearms enthusiast, collector, hunter, or own a gun for personal defense, a Gun Trust is a fantastic option if you currently own or may one day own any Title II firearms in Jacksonville. Title II firearms are defined under the National Firearms Act to include Short Barrel Rifles, Short Barrel Shotguns, Silencer/Suppressor, Fully Automatic Firearms, and any other weapons considered a Destructive Device under Federal Law.

Our Gun Trust attorney, Alexander Gilewicz, spent eight years in the United States Marine Corps, serving as a Section Chief on a M-777A1 Howitzer. However, when he deployed to Iraq in 2008, his unit was converted to a rifle company. During his time in the Marines, Alexander had the opportunity to train and utilize a wide variety of weapons platforms and small arms. Now as an attorney, Alexander is a fierce champion of the individual right to own a firearm while also placing firearm safety and personal responsibility at the forefront.

Why create a Gun Trust?

Obtaining Title II firearms can be a complex and daunting process given the increased scrutiny on applications, harsh federal firearms laws, and interaction with the ATF. Without a Gun Trust, the only person who can use or possess (actual or constructive possession) is the individual who registers the Title II firearm. That means another person (including your spouse!) having access to the firearm or simply allowing someone to test fire the firearm may expose them and you to federal criminal charges!

Utilizing a Gun Trust to purchase and register a Title II firearm in Jacksonville will resolve many of these concerns and issues. You, as Grantor (the person who creates the trust), can add or remove Trustees as you see fit during your lifetime. These Trustees can possess and use any of the Title II firearms which are held in the trust so long as they otherwise satisfy the requirements under federal law.

The Trust can also designate successor trustees who will take over control of your Title II firearms should anything happen to you! Trusts fall outside of probate to allow a smooth process for transferring ownership so long as your designated beneficiaries qualify under law.

Finally, Gun Trusts are private documents. Unlike a Will, no one apart from your Trustees and Beneficiaries will know what weapons are held in the Trust. While a Gun Trust is most beneficial for those who own or may own a Title II firearm in the future, it can contain any type of firearm, including pistols, rifles, and shotguns.

Do NOT risk your rights to cut corners!

You may come across “do-it-yourself” Trusts online that advertise themselves to have been drafted by an attorney. These documents often lack even the most basic language required under Florida Trust Law or worse, language necessary to ensure the document protects you, your family, and your right to own your firearms! Our Trusts are kept up to date with any changes to both Florida Trust and Federal Firearms laws to ensure the document is enforceable and operates as intended.

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