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Florida Times-Union Article Features Attorney Kate Mesic of Jacksonville


The Florida Times-Union, a popular publication in Jacksonville and throughout the state, often writes feature articles about amazing people and professionals in the community. The Law Offices of Kate Mesic, P.A. is proud to be able to announce that Attorney Kate Mesic of our firm was recently given this honor. A feature article was first posted about her on January 12th, 2018.

Within the article, Attorney Mesic’s life, career, and law firm were all discussed, beginning with her time as a refugee leaving Russia. 20 years ago, her parents left the Soviet Union to pursue a safer, happier life for their children. Today, Kate still remembers the lessons of their flight and transition. In many ways, it would be the first stepping stone in her career as a criminal defense attorney, as it taught her the importance of perseverance in the face of great hardship and larger powers, like a state trying to prosecute a client.

The interview also focused on her growth and work as an attorney in Jacksonville. She attended the University of North Florida and Florida’s Levin College of Law, graduating with honors from the former. During time spent with Jacksonville Area Legal Aid, she quickly gained a reputation for providing compassionate and effective pro bono legal work for clients who could not afford to hire a private attorney.

The author of the article also pointed out how all of Attorney Mesic’s contributions to Jacksonville and the legal community as a whole originate from a refugee. There has been much stigma attached to being a refugee in recent years, so the publication has made an effort to share stories of great people who arrived to the country as a refugee. It is an additional honor for Mesic to be seen in such a positive light by her community.

For more information, you can click here to read the full article from Florida Times-Union featuring Attorney Kate Mesic. You can also contact our law firm – The Law Offices of Kate Mesic, P.A. – if you require a Jacksonville criminal defense attorney for a case of your own. We defend clients in a wide variety of case types, from domestic battery accusations to DUIs.