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3 Reasons to Never Ignore a Traffic Ticket


image of a traffic stopI cannot tell you how many times a week, I get a call from a person asking me to help them with a traffic ticket. As soon as I get on the phone, I pull it up on the clerk’s office website and announce to them that it is, in fact, a criminal offense.

The person on the line is shocked, as it is a common misconception that a traffic ticket is always a civil citation.

Your Ticket Could be a Criminal Offense

There are many times the officers will issue criminal tickets by citation and not arrest the person. The traffic ticket could be for reckless driving, racing on a highway, or leaving the scene of an accident, which are all criminal offenses and are issued in the form of a typical traffic citation. So, the first reason not to ignore your traffic ticket is that it may be a criminal offense, and if you ignore it, a warrant could be issued for your arrest.

Your License Will Be Suspended

The second reason why you should never ignore your traffic ticket is that once it goes beyond the 30-day scheduling period, your license will be suspended.

For Example, you get a speeding ticket. It sits in your car, two months later you find it. But it is too late! Why? Because you moved recently and did not change the address on your driver license, so when you were late to schedule your ticket (within 30 days), your driver license was D6, which means a DMV sent you a notice that your license will be suspended. But you never got it, because it went to your old address. I know, it is a vicious cycle, but this is the story I hear almost every day. Do not ignore your traffic ticket! Call our Jacksonville traffic ticket attorney to help you figure it out.

Your Ticket Could Go to Collections

The third reason is that if you don’t do anything about that ticket in reason #2, your traffic ticket will eventually go to collections.

I am talking about only the civil traffic tickets, such as speeding, careless driving, failure to yield and others. Once in collections, you cannot get it out until you pay the whole ticket off. By the time the traffic ticket is in collections, you will have to pay close to three times the amount of the ticket, and your driver license is suspended by then. Do not ignore your traffic tickets; it is not worth your driver license. Call our Jacksonville traffic ticket lawyer to help you figure it out and get your driver license back.

If you are a resident of Jacksonville and you’re currently in need of legal representation for a traffic ticket, do not hesitate to contact our firm.